Teleflex N.V. was founded at 4 Februari 1950 in Rotterdam. In the Memorandum of Association the company's objective was defined as follows:

"Article 2. The firm aims the manufacturing and selling of all the elements and products, lay-outs, mechanical and other systems - patented or not - related to remote control by cables. The remote control systems - in particular the Telefex system - can be applied in retail, manufacturing- shipping- or any other industry"

The same year Teleflex started designing, manufacturing and installing the Teleflex Overhead Conveyors, that are worldwide known nowadays. Ever since the product range has grown, from simple manual monorail systems to fully automated Power and Free systems with a maximum capacity upto 5000kg.

Since 14 July 1999 Teleflex has become part of the Railtechniek van Herwijnen Groep with a headquarter in Tiel (Netherlands). Besides the succesful transport systems the division Teleflex manufactures Window Control Systems. The Window Control Systems still are a very important part of the business activities. Mainly the Teleflex activities are manufacturing, delivering and installing ventilation solutions in houses, government buildings, schools etc.

Since 1 January 2005 Teleflex is the official and exclusive agent of the complete hoist and lifting equipment of the Swiss high quality brand GIS. In 2008 Teleflex took over all the activities of Amerflex B.V.

Now we can provide you with a very wide range of mechanical and electrical window control systems, monorail systems and sliding door fittings.