Electric chain hoist - GIS GCH

Electric Chain Hoist GIS GCH

High quality hoists from the Swiss manufacturer GIS AG.

- Lifting capacity between 40 and 5000 kg.

- Standard top equipment with optimum safety devices such as contactor control 42 V, slipping clutch or limit switches for highest and lowest hook positons.


- Cast aluminium housing with maximum solidit (no plastic material)

- For extreme working conditions: casted cooling gills


- Design for trough working conditions

- Normal, fast and super fast speed models available


- Helical-toothed first and second gear step for quiet running

- Permanent lubrication for wear resistant operation


- Maximum safety (construction: brake after slipping clutch)

- New advanced brake design

Slipping clutch

- Simple and precise adjustment

- Maintenance free and highly wear resistant

Chain guidance

- 2-part construction to optimize maintenance

- Reinforced plastic material highly wear resistant

Chain wheel

- Made of hardened steel

- With additional chain pockets (4mm): hence quiet running

Hoisting chain

- Zinc plated

- Surface-hardened

Geared limit switch (standard)

- Simple adjustment

- Exact positioning

Contactor control system

- Simple technology (no electronics susceptible to interference)

- 42 V control system allowing highest safety of operation

Control switch

- With built-in support wire as a standard

- 2-buttons: design especially ergonomic