Project ShowCases


Knights Commercial Laundry in Toowoomba (AUS)

Dunnewolt B.V. awarded with a new major contract to supply and install a new D2 and D3 Dunnewolt monorail conveyor at Knights Commercial Laundry in Toowoomba (AUS).  The order also contains the delivery of 14 Dunnewolt stainless steel sorting bins, several loading and sorting belts and the complete installation of above components.

Start assembly December 2015.  


Top Centre Laundry in East Devonport (AUS)

Dunnewolt B.V. has been awarded again with a new major contract to supply and install a new D2 and D3 Dunnewolt monorail system at Top Centre Laundry in East Devonport (AUS). The order contains the delivery of 14 Dunnewolt stainless steel sorting bins with sorting belts, a new D2 system and a new D3 system and the complete installation of above.

Start assembly July 2016.

Kreuznacher Zentralwäscherei GmbH

For Kreuznacher Zentralwäscherei GmbH in Bad Kreuznach (DE), TFX Railtechnik installed a Teleflex T1 power and free conveyor. The conveyor has a length of 95 meters and equipped with pusher dogs, stop stations and vertical bends to compensate the height difference of 7 meters. The system is equipped with 35 pieces of load bars to transport laundry rolcontainers.


Hotelier Linen Services (USA)

Dunnewolt is currently installing 2 original Dunnewolt monorail system at Hotelier Linen Services Miami for Senso Technics B.V. The Dunnewolt D2-OC system is used at the soil side of the laundry. The delivery contains sorting- and weighing stations for 20 positions, several pneumatic and electric hoists, feeding and storage lines, switches, bends, open/close units etc.. The D2 monorail system is equipped with 200 bag containers each containing a load of 100lbs. On the clean side a Dunnewolt D ...


Servus (D)

The Teleflex conveyors are not only used in industrial environments but also in Restaurants, Bars and Pubs. In this case TFX Railtechnik delivered by Brauhaus Connection GmbH (D) a Teleflex K8 conveyor at Servuz. The small designed K8 conveyor transports at maximum 130 pieces beer mugs on customer designed hangers over a length of 52 meters.  

22.05.2014 to 31.05.2014 Netherlands

Van Gulik Coatings BV

Van Gulik Coating is a specialist in the powder coating of metal, zinc plated metal and aluminum in all colors. For 25 years Van Gulik Coatings offers the best powder coating system.


Ronal Wheels

Completion of the new production line for Ronal Wheel’s in the Czech Republic.

Railtechniek van Herwijnen BV in construction with their German group company TFX-Railtechnik GmbH delivered a purpose designed D8 chain conveyor system for the transport of Aluminium wheels in their paint finishing line. Every day 13.000 wheels are painted. Railtechniek installed 6 Teleflex D8 chain conveyors with a total chain length of 1.200 mtr as overhead and floor design. All conveyors are fully robot s ...

01.11.2013 to 01.01.2014 Netherlands

Koninklijke Gazelle NV

Railtechniek van Herwijnen recently designed and manufactured an entire new Inverted Power and Free Overhead conveyor for one of the largest Dutch bicycle manufactures. The inverted Teleflex® F1 Power and Free System has a length of 450 meters and is used for powder coating bicycle frames. In consultation with the client, there is a lay-out design which is optimized with our expertise to realize the best out-put of products throughout the use of workstations etc. The system is equipped with 2 ...

29.01.2015 Germany

Georg Fischer

Railtechniek van Herwijnen installed a Teleflex® T4 power and free conveyor with an total lenght of 1200 meters, for transporting iron casted products. The system is designed that the cooling down of the product is in the transport process. In the building are several levels, with an height difference of 14 meters. To overcome these height differences between the levels, Railtechniek designed 4 special lift sections which interact with the conveyor. Our automation department manufactured and ...


Sprick Cycle GmbH

TFX Railtechnik GmbH delivered and installed a new overhead conveyor at Sprick Cycle GmbH in Poland.

After successfully delivered a Teleflex D8 ® overhead chain conveyor in 2013 with a total length of 900 meters, TFX Railtechnik was chosen by Sprick Cycle to deliver again a Teleflex conveyor.

The new conveyor has a length of approx. 530 meters with a pitch of 300mm. The conveyor is powered by 3 worm drive units which guaranteed a smooth and quiet running operation. The special des ...


Timmerfabriek Hardeman B.V. - Lunteren (NL)

At Timmerfabriek Hardeman B.V. in the Netherlands, Railtechniek installed a monorail bridge crane. The bridge crane is a customer designed low headroom execution.  To optimize the lifting height 2 pieces GIS GPM250 electric chain hoist were built in a double bridge crane with a unique moveable  suspension framework. With the use of an enclosed conductor system the electrical cables are reduced to an minimum.  


19.03.2015 Germany

Hans-J Kemper GmbH (DE)

Hans-J. Kemper GmbH was extremely satisfied with an extension and rebuild of their Stewart Gill STS 550M 4 inch chain conveyor by Railtechniek van Herwijnen.  Railtechniek extended the conveyor with 40 meters chain, track and bends, as well as a complete rebuild of the existing lay out.

This was realized in the period between Christmas and New Year's day in a 2 teams in a 8 hour shift. Owner Stephan Kemper was impressed with the efforts and skills that Railtechniek received from him a r ...


de Lange Houttechniek (NL)

Railtechniek van Herwijnen automated the existing monorail system for painting wooden products at De Lange Houttechniek in Nieuwveen (NL). Railtechniek installed a flowcoat device with automatic transfer bij a Teleflex ® chain conveyor. After the flowcoat proces the painted product goes into a by Railtechniek designed and patented tilting device. The painted product is automatically brought under an angle allowing ...


Maascoating (NL)

At Maas Coating, Railtechniek van Herwijnen extended a Teleflex® T4 Power & Free system. The first system was installed in 2007 but due to the modular concept it is easy to extend without much difficulties. Over the past 8 years several components as chain, track, bends, switches and trolleys have been used as well of some customer designed components which are all manufactured in Tiel, the Netherlands.  


Marmo (B)

At Marmo N.V. Railtechniek is currently realizing the installation of a Teleflex®  T1 Power and Free conveyor for the food industry. Marmo N.V. is since 1975 specialized in food services for the meat processing industry.   


Hotel Montana (CH)

For Joseph Koch AG (CH), TFX Railtechnik GmbH installed a 50 meter long K8 chain conveyor at Art Deco Hotel Montana in Luzern.  Due to the small dimensions the K8 conveyor was chosen for this art/industrial designed conveyor.   The conveyor is equipped with 80 pcs of copper pans and installed above the new kitchen and dining room from the Hotel. The complete system is galvanized and powered by a caterpillar drive unit. According to Hugo Koch the management of the Hotel was more than satisfied ...


Djebel part of Kyasif EOOD (BUL)

For Djebel-96 Ltd., part of the Kyashif EOOD group in Bulgaria, Railtechniek is currently installing a Teleflex ® T1 Power and Free Conveyor. Djebel-96 is a well-known manufacturer of customized hydraulic cylinders with 240 employees and deliveries all over the world.

The installation had a lengths of 222 meters and is equipped with a Teleflex ® D8 conveyor for automatic transport of the 110 load bars trough the pre-treatment tunnel and dryer.  Also 2 rotating units for the painti ...


Reckers GmbH

With innovative solutions, a high level of flexibility, and exceptional quality; HERMANN RECKERS GmbH & Co KG has made a name for itself as a reliable full-service supplier. They offer comprehensive, specialized knowledge to there customers, whether for serial production, the smallest demands, or complex assembly groups.

To comply to that innovation and quick response  they invested in a state of the art Teleflex ® T4 Power and Free transport conveyor with a total length of 140 ...


Heunisch (Oteco)

Railtechniek van Herwijnen supplied a Teleflex® T4 Power and Free conveyor with a total length of 90 meters for transporting heavy cast iron products. The loadbars are capable of transporting products up to 2500kg automatically through the shotblasting machine.